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Typical landskape on a cycle tour in Denmark

Typical landskape on a cycle tour in Denmark precio tadalafil mexico df

While some countries are renowned for big highways and cars, Denmark may be the most fascinating destination in the world for cycling holidays. Blend in with the Danish stream of cyclists, and explore why the Danes love their bikes so much.

Upon arrival in Denmark, regardless of which part of the county, the many bikes is a remarkable part of the overall impression. The infrastructure is organised according to the needs of cyclists, and even though Denmark is also modern and industrialised, the entire country is covered with roads and tracks specially made for bikes. Furthermore, the Danish nature is ideal for cycling holidays. With soft green and yellow fields and a long beautiful coastline instead of mountains, the terrain welcomes cyclists of any age regardless of previous cycling practice, and it leads you through beautiful landscapes of forests, beaches, corn marks, lakes and small harbours. Along the routes, you find many charming old towns that, due to the size of the country, are never too far away, and it is always easy to find a nice spot for a break. comprar viagra en internet

With just about 12.000 km or 7.500 miles of signposted cycling routes, it is easy to find your way. This is a long distance in a small country like Denmark, which measures only 452 km (281 miles) from east to west, and 368 km (229 miles) from north to south, and where no one is ever further than 53 km (32 miles) from the sea. Many roads even have special cycling lanes where you can ride your bike safely, and on roads where there are no such lane, you rarely meet a lot of heavy traffic, only a car every now and then. sildenafil citrate 20mg cost

Cycling in Denmark is both easy and safe, as also cardrivers are used to cycle a lot themselves and as they are used to driving among cyclists. Naturally, however, it is important, that everyone respects the rules of traffic both in and outside of the city. alimentos equivalentes a la viagra

The Danes love their bikes. This statement is supported by the facts that there are more bikes than cars in Copenhagen, and that if you add up the distances the Copenhageners go by bike every day, it equals the distance to the moon and back – twice. This also explains why other countries start to look to Copenhagen for inspiration.The city council of New York visited Copenhagen to learn how nurture a healthy cycling culture, and travellers are impressed by the continuous stream of cyclists, which is perceived as one of Copenhagen’s great attractions. If your tour starts or ends in Copenhagen, consider prolonging your stay to get a close look at the active Danes. 

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Some tours start in other towns, e.g. in Nyborg Strand, close to the impressing and beautiful bridge over the Great Belt and close to Odense, the town where the famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen was born. Maybe you know his stories about the Little Mermaid or  the Ugly Duckling, who became a beautiful swan, and now you get a chance to visit his hometown. levitra orodispersibile

You can also  choose to bike around the lovely island of Bornholm. Whatever tour you choose, you will find perfect roads and delightful surroundings with interesting spots to explore. pulmonary hypertension treatment viagra


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